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    PHP Scripter

    What I need...!

    I need a cms system with 3 levels;


    the cms system must allow administrators to perform a variety of functions:

    • Setup Publishers Accounts,
    • Gathers Statistics,
    • Mass E-mail All Moderators & Admins,
    • Moderate Publishers Articles (before they go live),
    • Setup Polls,
    • Add "Blocks" i.e favourites sites such and such on the homepage,
    • Add News & Updates on the homepage,
    • Add and write articles, to defined categories (directory).

    publishers need to be able to:

    • E-mail Administrators,
    • Add a new article for review,
    • Comment on articles / products.

    guests must be able to comment on the articles / products as well. If you feel you can handle this at a reasonable price, post below and I'll contact you soon.

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    We spoke on msn already. After thinking about it you can use any one of the freely available cms' around. I personally have used a few of them and have no complaints. Next time we talk if you want to go this route we can negotiate a fee. They're skinnable and robust. :-)

    Talk to you soon,

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    Please PM or email (chris [at] me.

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    I am interested in your project and would be interested in submitting a proposal for your review. Shedd Technologies International offers a variety of web development services and provides clients with high quality, rapid, custom application development. Our team features developers who are very experienced with PHP, in addition to a variety of other technologies.

    I would be interested in contacting you to discuss the project. What address can I reach you at?

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time.

    Robert Shedd
    [email protected]

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    Contact Address : arthurnicholson [at] hotmail [dot] com

    Final preposals please.

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