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    Thumbs up Need help with pay per view banner advertise.

    First of all i hope that i did post that question to the right forum if not please let me know!
    I post a message last week to a Other Offers and Requests, however moderators did delete my post and gave me 10 warning points and telling me that that forum is only avowed web hosting related posts. Well if you look the Other Offers and Requests forum on WHT about 50% of the posts has nothing to do with web hosting. But some how moderators dont delete dose 50% post. So looks like that moderators just picking on me.
    Well they can pick on anybody as they are the Boss here. least that is what looks like.

    Any way my question is: Is there any pay per view banner advertise for publishers?
    We have about 3,500 visitors / day and 17,000 page views / day and is growing by daily.

    Please let me know if you know any company that pay you for view.


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    Just to make this clear.
    Im not trying to sell my banner ads on WHT!
    Im looking for a big company that sell all my ads by gave me a html code that i can put to my pages.
    So i dont have to worry about sell my banner space.


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    use google addwords!
    Testing 1.. Testing 1..2.. Testing 1..2..3...

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    Originally posted by azizny
    use google addwords!
    Thanks but Im already using google adsense on my sites. How every I have banner space also available on my web site. And what Im looking for is to get paid for banner CPM and not for click.

    Adwords is for advertiser not for publishers.

    Thanks anyway

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