I offer the lowest prices that eNom will allow Technology Partners (ETP) to create for a reseller account. If you do not see the prices below from another $8.95 offer, then you are more than likely getting an account from a sub-account holder and not an true ETP.

1) Check the prices below and compare with what you see others offering.
2) I am an ETP not a $6.95 sub-account.
3) Instant account activation here.

TLD Registration/RenewalTransfer
.com $8.95/$8.95/$8.95
.net $8.95/$8.95/$8.95
.org $8.95/$8.95/$8.95
.us $8.95/$8.95/$8.95
.info $8.95/$8.95/$8.95
.biz $8.95/$8.95/$8.95
.co.uk $8.95/NA/NA
.org.uk $8.95/NA/NA
.com.tw $34.95/$34.95/$34.95
.org.tw $34.95/$34.95/$34.95
.idv.tw $34.95/$34.95/$34.95
.ca $13.95/$13.95/NA
.cn $24.95/$24.95/$24.95
.name $8.95/$8.95/NA
.cc $24.95/$24.95/$24.95
.tv $39.95/$39.95/NA
.bz $24.95/$24.95/NA
.nu $24.95/$24.95/NA
.ws $24.95/$24.95/NA
.tm $99.00/NA/NA
.kids.us $85.00/NA/NA
.com.cn $24.95/$24.95/$24.95
.net.cn $24.95/$24.95/$24.95
.org.cn $24.95/$24.95/$24.95
.de $14.95/NA/NA

-- PM if you have any questions --