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    setting up nameserver on windows2003


    i have a very basic windows 2003 box with NO control panel and i have a few IP's and want to setup a primary and seconday DNS server, can anyone please tell me how i can do this. I've done almost everything the bit i am stuck on is the actual zone file bit, how exactly do you manage zone files on a basic windows with no Control Panel?

    i've binded the IP's, i've registered the ns1 and ns2 with my domain registrar to point to my IP's but the only thing is i need to edit the zone file for the domain itself so i can add A records etc.

    any advice or guide would be very much appreciated.


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    Just install the DNS of the Windows 2003, Click on DNS, Add two NS records ns1 and ns2 with the corresponding IPs, then you can start adding the forward records for the domain names needed.

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