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    Lightbulb Run web applications on the browser

    Build and run Internet applications without the need of an application server.
    I have recently published a Content Management application at my home page.

    The application enables you to build and manage websites without the requirements of an application server. Everything is launched from a static webpage and executes from in side the browser via a Java applet (container applet).
    Eliminates system load and band-width imposed by application servers running scripting technologies such as ASP, JSP, and PHP.

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    umm, alright? Whats the point of this post?

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    Nothing. Its useless.

    Its also insecure.

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    Good for you linh2165

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    I think it's actually pretty cool. Executing everything in the browser without need of server resources.
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    Forgot to mention the fact that not only it runs without using server resources, and if you are uing IE browser, it also employs a Voice Recognition and Text-To-Speech engine for navigating around the contents and external links.

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    So, the webpage is just a Java applet? Wow, that's a) slow b) sure to be buggy and c) excludes your site from working with a LOT of visitors. Great idea!
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    The total size of the applet is only 60K. It is currently loaded from a slow link.
    Did you try the site? What sort of errors did you get? Can you send me the content of your java console?

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    I think pages loading good enough but not sure when heavy traffic...
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