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    can this ip be a proxy or is it real

    hey guys

    someone was up to tricks on one of brothers my websites and had this ip. Would that be a proxy address or someone's real ip (i ofcourse realise that their ip may rotate if they're on dialup, but atleast i would know the provider)


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    common proxy ports 80,8080,3128 has been checked and no proxy service found at the ip you have written

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    what would you say is the probability of the trouble maker who has the ip, being the same person who logged on with this ip

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    not a lot really its a BTopenworld account and a dialup so the chances arte slim that its the same person.

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    really, ok, here's more of the story. I left a site because i disagreed with the admin's point of view on certain aspects. The person with the second ip, one digit more, is a mod at that site.

    i did a google on the trouble maker's ip and they only appear on someones stats page as having visited their site, their site is a business directory for x-town.

    The person form the site who is a mod, who's ip is 1 digit different,i know lives in x-town.

    Is that just sheer coincidence?

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