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    Recommend a host?

    I run a couple of sites, and recently had my account canceled recently, supposedly because I violated my membership agreement. The sites arenít porn sites or racial hatred or anything, but they do have some content which is a bit adult orientated, and to that end I guess Iíll need a fairly open minded host.

    Iíd need two host two domains, with a total space of around 150 - 200mg (shared between them). Maybe 1.5 Ė 2gig per month bandwidth. Five or six email accounts (POP3 would be nice - Iíll need some kind of web mail). Donít run anything more complicated than PHP and a few CGI scripts. FTP, of course. Iím used to a Cpanel interface, so I guess Iíd prefer that, but itís not really important. Something cheap and stable is, of course, preferred, but Iím open to anything. Suggestions, anyone?

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    welcome to WHT dracer2

    aside from the recommendations others may post, you may also try the Host Quote feature above [ ] or look through the offers forum [ ].
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    You should check the ToS/ AUP of your host. anyway, you can find some offers in the Offer box. There are many good providers there. And of course, how about your budget?

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    fill up a form and your needs here
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    You could also take a look at signatures in this forum. Most people here are hosts. Ask them if they allow the kind of content you have and also do a search on these forums for their name to read what's been said about them.

    Good luck!

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    I have been using for a long time.
    I use them to host 3 sites all use PHPBB with about 1000 users per forum.

    I am very pleased with the support & services.

    The primary reason I chose them is a friend of mine needed help setting up phpBB for his website that he had Digitalinet host & I liked the platform & support they provided him with.

    All I can say is go with a host that you have confidence in. Don't be scared to talk to some one on the phone about any questions you may have before you spend your money :-)

    Good Luck.

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    Please check out :

    .. offers multiple features & budget options to meet almost every hosting need ( Linux /Windows 2000 / Windows 2003)

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    use the hostquote option and in the notes section mention the optional features you are looking for...

    Good Luck

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    mad cow or x gravity

    mad cow hosting or x gravity seem pretty good sorry i cant post links yet.

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    is pretty good.
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    Never Linux!!! please

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    Originally posted by Joel NZ
    Never Linux!!! please
    Why not? It's been proven time and time again that Linux and Unix servers are far more stable and secure and less vulnerable to virii than Windows servers are. Windows servers do have their advantages, mind you. Please provide facts for your comments.
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    Originally posted by Joel NZ
    Never Linux!!! please
    errr, if you say so.
    If you want ASP then also has some plans on a Windows server. - Host on Cloudrck
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