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    Question Kiefer Web Consulting and CDX Solutions... Problems with Kiefer's site a red flag?

    I like the look of these numbers --> And the customer reviews are perhaps acceptable overall -->

    However, a couple of important links on their page seem to be broken, namely "log in" and "support". Should this be a red flag for me to stay away?

    I'm also considering CDX Solution's intermediate package --> customer reviews --> Unlike Kiefer, a search on this forum turns up a few mentions of CDX, some of them negative, however potential explanations were offered.


    I'm looking for a windows host who supports 1.1 and Access database. To my knowledge that is virtually every Windows host. Kiefer does not mention specifically though they mention asp on a previous page.

    I'm hosting an access database site not open to the public but still requiring multiple GB's of transfer per month and lots of storage due to the images it uses. On the same account I'm hosting a few small business sites that need all together a couple GB's of transfer and a negligible amount of disk space.

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    Any windows host, as you say will be able to offer acess db capabilities. You should perhaps look at upsizing this to a mysql or even a sql db if you even want this to be un-private. If this host is running 2000 server they can always install the .Net 1.1 framework version for ya., as with 2003 it will be native.
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    Created an account with CDX Solutions about 36 hours ago. I can't login with the username and password I specified and have heard nothing from e-mail tech support.

    At the end of the registration process it said something about it taking 24 hours to send me login details. Whatever that means. At any rate it's been more than 24 hours. Granted I'm trying to do this all on a weekend but it still seems awfully fishy to me.

    The only thing I've heard from these guys was an auto-response e-mail when I signed up and another right when I sent the tech support inquiry.

    If I drop these guys and attempt to get my money back (very likely) I guess I'll go with someone who offers phone support.

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    I would be concerned with this company you chose, you should have run a better background check on them. Looking at their website right now, I decided to peak at their reseller section.

    They offer this;

    Purchase Unix Plan
    100 Accounts
    2 Gigs of space for each account
    10 gig transfer for each account

    If you tally up the diskspace and the bandwidth by the number of accounts your allowed;

    2 GB Disk x 100 Accounts = 200GB Diskspace
    10 GB Transfer x 100 Accounts = 10,000 GB Transfer

    All for $65.99 a month??? I dont think so.

    Too many little things on their website, and the above caught my eye, if I had been a potential client, the little voice in my head would have been screaming RUN RUN RUN!!!

    Just My Opinion.

    On another note, there are many great hosting companies out there that dont have phone support, you just gotta find the right ones.

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    I'm tempted to think that:

    Are perhaps not very useful to ME.

    I suppose I should abide by the policy that all REALLY good deals should be suspect.

    I need a shared windows host with:

    - 1.1
    - access database
    - 500mb of disk space
    - 10 GB of transfer
    - 5 domain names under one account for no additional charge

    That's all.

    So what's the benchmark for quality?

    Toll free phone support? I know it's not that simple, but all I need is a reliable webhost who offers those things I listed for less than 20 dollars a month (less than 30? ) and who will respond in a reasonable amount of time to tech support inquiries and who doesn't oversell themselves massively. Think I can find it? Got any suggestions... anyone?

    It's not that I can't pay more for hosting, it's just that I'd rather not if I don't have to. I don't suspect I will need certain premium features like toll free 24 hour phone support, or the very best techs, or the very best server to client ratios. I just need acceptable performance and support.
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    OK, I like what I see with hosting campus. And doing a search I found two people saying nice things about them.

    This plan is somewhat cheap I guess, but isn't so nice it's too good to believe:

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    Also, anyone have an opinion on Beach Comber?

    I like most of what I can gather from their website. They have a customer forum, they claim 24-7 tech support and an average 45 minute response time.

    Perhaps their plans are just a tad too good though?

    I am thinking about going with their Power Premier Windows plan for 14.95 per month. It says unlimited in regard to MS-SQL databases at that level. That doesn't seem right. Also they are offering 25% off all their windows hosting rates at the moment dropping the price even lower.

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    ok that's cool

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    Originally posted by jjol
    ok that's cool
    huh? anyway

    The person paying for the webhosting now says they are willing to pay a little more for the liklihood of good service and support. I know of top of the line services like , but they are still too much. I don't understand why disk space comes at such a premium with some of the high end hosts.

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