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    Lightbulb Lets talk about windows server now

    Hi friends thanks for helping me for linux server
    i bought servers from servermatrix..
    now what i want is a windows server ...
    is this possible to get a window server in 150 to 180$
    widnows 2003 .net SQL 4 1000 gb bandwith 60 gb hard drive 10 gb backup hardisk
    if yes which company you recomend me
    i want unmanaged i will hire any company for managed so tell me any good company who manage server too

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    so is there any company who offering windows server in cheap or normal rates ?

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    Most offer them at normal rate but that depends on what you mean ? With the level of competition and now that Redhat Enterprise is no longer fee, most datacenter which offers both Linux and Windows are offering them for pretty much the same prices. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    I would like Oracle.

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    Go with the SuperCeleron 2.4Ghz at ServerMatrix (Windows is free)

    Here's the config:

    Server Configuration
    Server: Super Celeron 2.4 GHz - Setup: $99.00 - Monthly Fee: $99.00
    Primary HDD: 80GB Hard Drive
    Secondary HDD: None
    RAM: 1024 MB RAM
    Number of ips: 5 IP Addresses
    Bandwidth: 1200 GB Bandwidth
    Uplink Port Speed: 10 Mbps Uplink
    Web Analytics: None
    Database: 500 MB data file, 100 MB log file - Monthly Fee: $50.00
    Backup Service: 10GB - Monthly Fee: $10.00
    Operating System: Windows Server 2003, Standard
    Server Management Plan: Silver
    Floodguard: None
    Control Panel: None
    Firewall: None
    Promotional Code:
    Special Requests or Comments:

    Number of servers: 1

    Monthly Charge: $159
    Monthly Charge Sales Tax will be added for Texas residents
    Pro-rated Monthly Charge (the rest of May(free) starting tomorrow plus June): $159.00

    Setup Fee: $99
    Setup Fee Sales Tax will be added for Texas residents

    Total Initial Charge: $258.00 Shared Windows 2003 Hosting and Cross-platform Web Development

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