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    Question down ????

    The network seems to be completely down since more than 20h !!!!!!!
    Someone know wath is happening ?
    Thanks in advance.

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    works for me...

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    Yes, they just realive, but more than 20 hours outage !!!!!!!
    I have 29 sites hosted on there servers. No mail to explain the problem or to give some feedback about the outage !!!!!

    I will leave them realy soon !!!!!!

    This is the bigger outage they have from two years, but I have very often problems with

    I do really not recommand this company !!!

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    sorry to hear that. sounds like you should have left them a long time ago.

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    If you feel it's necessary, you can post a review of this company in this forum. You may also (in that forum) ask for reccomendations for a host according to your needs.

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    I hope you got yourself moved because they've been down at least a few hours again today and Lord knows how much longer it will be THIS time. They probably won't send out any sort of information about the outage this time either, they sure didn't last time, even after they were up again.

    I'm too much of an optimist and stayed there even after that last outage. I really didn't want to have to mess with moving a forum or building a new one. Yeah, I can be pretty dumb at times. Not this time though. I only have one site there, thankfully, but not for much longer, already set up elsewhere and just waiting for the new dns settings to propagate. Enough is enough.

    Too bad. They used to be quite good.

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