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    * :..Purchasing YOUR Websites..: Will Offer ABOVE Market Value ..:

    Hi There,

    I'm in the market to purchase 2 good websites,if you happen to have a good submission please contact me. I'd go into why I'm purchasing a website and all that, but I know you dont want to hear it .

    Info Needed:

    Uniques Per Day/Month:
    Profit (And from where):
    Newsletter Subscribers (Optional):
    Time Online:

    Thanks guys,
    Contact Info:
    - AIM:OptiSEO
    - PM
    Do NOT, and I repeat do NOT email it to me. These will never reach me.

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    I got 2 sites to offer, PM sent
    Banner Design - Professional Designs - 24hr Turn-Around Guaranteed -

    Online Photo Editor
    Retouch or Add effects to your photos with 1 click

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