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    RSS Portal

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if anyone could give me any suggestions.

    I'm in the process of helping a friend of mine. She runs a blog using Moveable Type (v3).

    She's looking to put together a portal that will display her regular reads (of other ppl's blogs - about 50 or so), on one page.

    Right now, her portal consists of a number of various Blog Rolls.

    She's looking to turn her portal that consists of blogrolls only, into a portal that will posts updated blogs as they are posted via RSS.

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestion if there is a script that could do this? Or make a suggestions on recommended script.

    I've searched via HotScripts, but didn't find anything that I really liked.

    Thanks in advance!

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    5,099 from what I understand, you want a portal that will search for rss feeds, find the updated links, and then update a page? I think some form of trackback system would be ideal for this.

    A very simple form of this script would take a list of RSS feeds, parse them for the latest updated information, and post that on a webpage. Really not that difficult. However, if I was doing something like this, I would create a script that parsed rss feeds at an interval, stores all the information in a database (so that I could have archiving and searching abilities) and performed trackback pings. I would also create my own RSS feeds of my "regular reads" lists, so that others might find out what I'm interested in.

    I don't know of any script that does this out of the box, but since its just a matter of parsing xml files, it shouldn't be very difficult for a competent programmer to write you a quick script that does the above. There are already a few RSS parsers available (like the PEAR::XML_RSS package) which would reduce script development time considerably.

    If I still had my old blog running (which was based on MT) I would have probably written this and handed it to you --- but unfortunately I don't even have time to bring my own site back up --- lest do other things (other than post on WHT that is).

    Let me know if you need more help/suggestions.
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