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    Question Your opinion?

    "Note: This is not selling reseller accounts, this is hosting accounts."

    Hello, I am already a reseller but I am thinking of changing my plans as I am loosing money...this is nothing big time yet so anyway, check out the server specs and things..

    Server Specs:
    Dual Xeon 2.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM
    Red Hat Enterprise - Linux

    All updated things, very fast loading, faster than 99% of other hosts I've seen even though 2.4 GHz isn't the best.


    Account Type: A
    Space: 120 MB
    Bandwith: 1.5 GB
    Cost: Free

    Account Type: B
    Space: 200 MB
    Bandwith: 2.5 GB
    Cost: $2/month

    Account Type: C
    Space: 350 MB
    Bandwith: 4.5 GB
    Cost: $3/month

    Also custom accounts for those who ask at the fee of $15 extra (one-time)

    Unlimitted: Sub-domains, FTP accounts, Email accounts, Databases.
    Supports: Cpanel, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Frontpage extensions, Fantastico de luxe, no ads or pop-ups on anything.
    Support: Not 24/7 but not bad.....
    Care: Weekly back-ups
    Uptime: 99.9%

    Anything important I missed, tell me.....what you think? Its definotly not the cheapest...well anyway, any opinions are welcome....

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    350mb reseller account? That seems awfully small.
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    I don't quite get the question...
    New site:

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    @ Hometownhosting, what do you mean? As in my account? My account is way bigger, this is just for users, I my self pay around $90 for this host, is this what you mean?

    @Freak, ok I will redifine it, do you think anyone will use the free host, do you think anyone will use the payed host? Do you have any suggestions for altering the packages? Does this seem too expensive? Too cheap?

    @ Everyone, if you wish to test the speed, visit here or here.
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