Dear Valued Customers,

Recently there have been rumors and speculation as to an immediate move and downtime this coming Memorial Day Weekend. To put all minds at ease, there will be no such move or downtime as a result of such move this weekend. As many of you have now become aware at this point, Pegasus Web Technologies and DedicatedNOW has been building a new DataCenter, which has been in the works for more than a year of planning, coordinating, building and testing, our new facility is ready to rival the top datacenters. The new datacenter will incorporate all existing servers, eventually to be moved from our existing datacenter, to this new facility, with ample time and information being provisioned to our clientele.

The site choice of Clifton, NJ was primarily based upon the available space and growth opportunities within this facility, allowing us capabilities of up to 55,000 sq ft of pure datacenter floor space, and ease of access to backbone providers. Currently, the facility boasts over 7,500 sq ft of completed data center floor space all under raised flooring, along with corporate office, front reception area, conference rooms, and ample space for our employees.

The new datacenter, has been carefully planned from inception to overcompensate for such factors as cooling, generators, UPSís, backup generators, fire suppression, and much much more. Our new facility has been set in place with 7,500 sq ft of raised flooring, 8 (eight) 20 ton AC units, CCTV system, Biometric Security system, double pre-action fire suppression system, MCI OC48 Full Sonet Ring, with Dual OC192ís being installed now. We have chosen for our backbone providers,, MCI, Net Access, and Level3 and Global Crossings in the near future. The specific date of the scheduled move is unclear as of this point however, pre-sales and new server deployments will be from within our new facility as the facility has been completed, and all final testing approved. New server sales are expected to be released in early to mid June.

We appreciate all the cooperation and support of our customers and look forward to all the great things to come in the near future.

Thank you,

-The Pegasus / DedicatedNow Management Team