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    Rizen Servers - Accounts start at $4.95 - HELM Control Panel

    Hello WebHostingTalk!

    Rizen Servers is proud to launch their public hosting effort. We strive to serve the community with the best quality in web services possible, while maintaing great value, excellent service, and a long-term relationship with each customer. That said, we would like to invite you to have a look at our new packages!


    Each of these packages runs on the powerful HELM control panel. We are happy to entertain requests by WHT users for CPanel and Plesk packages, contact sales directly for a quote at [email protected].

    As one of three directors of Rizen Communications (parent of Rizen Servers), I would like to extend my personal contact information to the community as a gesture of both our corporate and my personal commitment to the quality of the service and support you can expect to receive.

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Phone: (216) 346 - 0533
    AIM: MSatHomeLAN

    Martin Schultz
    Rizen Communications

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    The packages available look good, I would think about switching if you can answer some questions for me.

    1. Is it Windows or Linux/BSD based hosting?
    2. What kind of bandwidth backs your hosting service? I.E. You don't use any Cogent bandwidth do you?
    3. How is bandwidth measured, and is it speed limited or is the top speed unlimited.
    4. Im assuming that if it is Windows based hosting you are using IIS with php added in, correct?

    I'll think of more later and add them in.

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    All HELM hosting packages are Windows 2k3 Server based. The HELM servers are in EV1Server's Datacenter, see information about their peering at Top speed is 10mbit, and you may use as much of that as you like, so long as you are not affecting the performance of other users, until you reach your transfer limit, at which time you obviously can't use more. The servers do run IIS with PHP included.

    Martin Schultz
    Rizen Communications

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    Thanks for the quick reply Martin.
    I have a few more questions for you now as well

    1. What php build runs on the Windows2k3 servers and what options are compiled into it as well was what modules? does it lack any of the standard options, apis and features that php running on a Linux or BSD host has?
    2. Are any of the packages listed on your website set up as reseller accounts? And if not, would there be an extra fee to get a reseller account if I were to request one.
    3. What are the specifications on the Windows2k3 servers?
    4. Do you have an average number of domains/user accounts on a server before you stop adding accounts to it or upgrade the server?
    5. Is SSH/SCP access an option? If so does it come standard or does it have to be enabled on a per account or domain basis?
    6. What version of MySQL is running as well as what variation (MAX, Std etc)? Is it hosted on the same machine as the web material or is it a seperate machine?
    7. What is your policy on questionable material ( not adult related ). One of the sites I currently host and run deals with cable modems, we do not offer anything that violates IP and/or Copyrights but some hosting providers have been skiddish about it in the past. If you need to take a look at the site please private message me an I'll give you the url.

    Thanks in advance for the replies.

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