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    Secure Domain ID

    I just purchased a new domain name for $10. I said I would like to hide the owner's identity from the public, so they suggested "secure ID" for another $10. I decided to give it a try.

    But it just occurred to me - how easy is to to determine my identity from my webhosting? If I host this domain on a reseller account with a company called WebGecko, I assume it would be relatively easy to determine it's hosted by WebGecko. That might not be a big deal if WebGecko has hundreds of customers. But if they can further trace the domain to a reseller account owned by Yours Truly, then my masked ID isn't worth much, is it?

    Can anyone offer some suggestions for hiding a domain's owner from prying eyes?


    [I just edited my post; I guess the term is "secure ID," not masked ID.]
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    Well hopefully WebGecko wouldn't be giving out your details to people.

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