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    Exclamation High end, premium *Original* hosting site package. (Industrial, not your average)

    Hello there,

    A demonstration of the design i have been working on, and invested many many hours on is here:

    View the design

    This is the basic concepts of an industrial hosting design, designed to stick in the minds of the viewer. Using this design, you will stand out from your competition, clearly defining your company as something different from the others out there.

    The above demonstration page is the homepage, showing off the basic concept.

    The design is available for purchase in several ways:

    Main site design

    Homepage source files only - $350
    - Easy to edit Adobe Photoshop .PSD source files of homepage
    - Adobe Illustrator .ai source files of vector images used throughout

    Coded homepage - $450
    - Homepage source files (see above) +
    - XHTML compliant homepage (.html file)

    Homepage + Internal page design source files - $400
    - Homepage source files (see above) +
    - Internal page design .PSD file

    Coded homepage + Internal page - $500
    - Homepage + Internal page design source files (see above)
    - XHTML compliant homepage (.html file) and 3 internal pages.

    Forum Implementation

    Simple forum skin - $50
    - Header and footer implementation to fit in with design
    - Color changes to match site design

    Advanged forum skin - $200
    - Header and footer implementation to fit in with design
    - Custom postbit design
    - Custom smilie set
    - Custom posticon designs
    - Custom color scheme
    - Custom category images

    Flash Work

    DangerMonitor - $75
    - Implementation of the DangerMonitor heartbeat style server monitor, to interface with a server status script of your choice

    PHP Work

    Server status monitor script (unix/unix-like operating systems only) - $150
    - A set of scripts to monitor service status on a group of servers, collecting data together
    and providing both simple (for interfacing with flash) and detailed analysis of this data

    Site packages (discounted from prices above)

    Site package 1 - $550
    - Coded homepage (see above)
    - Up to 10 internal pages

    Site package 2 - $575
    - Coded homepage (see above)
    - Up to 10 internal pages
    - Simple forum skin

    Site package 3 - $700
    - Coded homepage (see above)
    - Up to 15 internal pages
    - Advanced forum skin
    - Flash implementation of DangerMonitor
    - PHP Status monitor script for DangerMonitor

    Any customisation of the existing design or other custom work can be done at $30 per hour.

    All prices are negotiable, and I am open to all reasonable offers.

    If you have any questions, please post them in the thread or use the PM (preferred) and Email facilities of this forum.

    Thank you for your time.

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    WOW, very different but impressive, good luck with it - short URL service

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    awesome design! love it! wish i had some cash!
    Cheap Web Hosting:
    Website Design - Scripting:

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    WOW! Amazing design! If only I had $700 to spend, and a reason for it!

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    This is some extraordninary work, waaay worth the money.

    Only problem, i think this template is either:

    1. PERFECT for the hosting company.
    2. or not at all for the hosting company.

    Kind of a "all or nothing"

    Good luck with your sale.

    Fantastic Work

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    very nice template if i had $700 i would whip it up right now.
    John Heslop

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    wow. Very impressive.
    HQ Max

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