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    Need someone to make a script for data entry..

    I'm in search of someone who can create a script for me. I need names and addresses extracted from the yellow pages onto my data base of a form that leads to the database. I am creating a listing site and theres about 2300 entries i need to make. If anyone can do this for a very reasonable price, please do let me know.

    Please email me w/ price (can not afford to pay to much as this is my personal side thing) and turnaround time. Thanks.

    [email protected]

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    Do you just need a form that you can fill in 10 15 entries at once, then do it manually or do you need it read content from certain location (IE: webpage)?

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    Sorry for not being so clear. There is a website (yellow pages) which has a list of places for this certain service. It lists about 20-25 places on each page. There is about 2000 places listed. I am looking for a script that will extract the data ( name of company, address, phone number, time of operation) and dump into mysql database. If that is not possible, I would create a form and hopefully find a script that will just insert into the form. Hopefully, its a little clearer.

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    ill do it for you.

    drop me a line at vlad [at]



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    Bump up again. I had 2 people that flaked on me.

    Please email me if you are serious. The pay is $50 via paypal. I need the script itself, not just to have the database filled. Should be simple for the people with experience with scripts.

    Also, I will also have future projects in need of scripts. So, there'll probably be future work as well if you do a good job.


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