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    10MB/500MB, $3/year

    Alright, so I've been running on a dedicated server on my own site for a little while now, and have been helping out a lot of my friends who run small sites that used to be on geocities/angelfire etc.

    None of them could afford actual hosting since they all run at least at 2 bucks/month (which can be quite a lot if the site is just for fun)

    Anyway, if anybody's looking for hosting for a small website, send me an e-mail (e-mail below) and I'll set something up for you.

    I haven't laid out the business plan yet, but I'm thinking something like this.

    for $3/year (like 25 cents/month) I could set you up with:

    10 MB storage
    500 MB monthly transfer
    1 Domain Name (we don't register it, we just host it, registering a domain name would cost you about 8.95/year at godaddy or something)
    5 email accounts (with pop3 support)

    and support for PHP/MySQL/CGI/Perl/Frontpage and some other stuff.

    This is just a tentative offer to see how the market is for stuff like this.

    If you're interested in testing this thing out, I'll set you up with an account for free for a month as long as you give me feedback on how you like the service.

    Anyway, e-mail me at [email protected] if you're interested.

    Or you can AIM me at cyong0
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    Er alright, so I guess this will be done on a first come first serve basis since I only have so much space and I'm setting up all the accounts myself.

    If I don't respond to your e-mail (I'll try to respond to all of them) then take it that I have enough people for my server (I need some space for myself you know!). Not really starting a business, just trying to cover the cost of the server itself.

    K, thanks for all your e-mails so far!

    If you need something special, just send me an e-mail with your AIM screenname and we'll talk a little bit.

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