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    Request for Pixel Art


    I run a Web Based MMORPG that is currently down for maintance. When I reopen my game, I would like to have lots of new things in the game. I especially want to have some new species, classes.

    I have been previously been using Final Fantasy Tactics Advance images by mistake, (shouldn't of trusted my gfx staff, they couldn't make anything, just rip off other games).

    So therefore I am wanting to know if anyone could perhaps make me some images, that are designed similar to the Final Fantasy ones. Only by the size, and position of the character.

    I want to introduce two more races.

    Vampires (special species)

    Elves (will rename them to something more unique)

    Here are the images I am currently using...

    Humans are of course humans, and hounzalids were suppose to be a Human/Dog mix.

    If anyone could be able to do this, that would be great. I would need about 10 different images for each specie (diferent classes that we can discuss later). If I ever needed more I could easily edit them myself, I just cant do things from scratch in the GFX department.

    You can reach me...

    AIM: PhantasyRPG
    E-Mail:[email protected]


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    Could you send us a larger image?


    Looking at your examples, initially, I can say that maybe we can help you. But, we will need a larger image sample so that we will really know what kind of style you are looking for.

    Our character design rate is as of the moment $70 each (source file included). Price increase will take effect sometime later.

    Kindly post a larger image sample for all designers to benefit. Thank you very much.

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    I got a good bit of IMs via AIM, and I think some people have misunderstood what I wanted. Sorry if it was unclear.

    I am needing a set of little icons 15 x 28 pixels. Just a little image of a person, sort of cartoonish alot of people are calling it.

    That is really all I am needing.

    Hopefully that cleared it up for some people, and of course I am still in need of this.


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