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    Just got off the phone with Costco/Nova

    After looking at the different threads I thought I would check into Costco/Nova's Merchant Account.

    It is true that Costco/Nova no longer supports any kind of gateway according to Nolan at Costco/Nova.

    I told him I was leary of going with seperate merchant account and gateway unbundled and unsupported as I am starting up and am trying to figure things out. I told him I did not want to get into disputs between my merchant account vs. gateway as far as chargebacks, double charges ect.

    He put me on hold. He came back with the answer of "it wouldn't be us it would be between you and your gateway".

    I informed him that he just proved my point. He didn't seem to understand.

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    Yes it is true. We have been hearing that for the longest time. And yes it is something that can be expected from time to time actually with a few different processors. But I do believe that is supported by them

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    You didnt get the entire story

    You did not get the fact that due to the contract between Costco and Nova that Nova can't tell you about the other products they have that are far better to dealing with the type of business your trying to do. Check out and you will see ViaKlix and ViaWarp that are far better suited. Problem is going to be that as long as Costco does not redo its contract to incorporate its customers that are trying to do business on the internet your going to be stuck with PC Transact_It. Remember there are other banks and companies that will allow you to use the other options from Nova.

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