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    Accepting Re-Occuring Signups over phone for Non-US host?

    I'm currently looking for a 3rd party (or otherwise) provider who allows for non-us merchants to accept re-occuring signups over the phone.
    So far I have only found paysystems (and people don't seem to be overly happy with them)
    I was hopeing for a one stop solutions (so I could use the same provider to process both internet and phone sales), but I'd be willing to go with two seperate providers.
    So does anyone have any suggestions?

    I'm in Canada

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    Are you going to be processing more than $1,000 a month? You might check into Paysystems & get a merchant account from them. They should have a virtual terminal so that you can process phone sales. The other merchant provider is PSIGate.

    The third party processors are not able to provide a virtual terminal though.

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