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    [For Sale] Gaming/Design/Personal Site - $40

    I'm posting this on behalf of maccar, because he thinks he is too much of a noob to sell this

    I'm selling a nice layout which can be used for many purposes. In the following screenshot it's used for a personal site.

    Low Quality, watermarked Preview

    A fair few people liked it on vgamin as you can see here (link to designers corner)

    What you get:

    Layered PSD (layers are a mess and aren't named, but can be reordered should the buyer ask)
    Sliced HTML files (NOTE: this isn't fully coded. All maccar has done is slice the layout in ImageReady and Export it as HTML)
    Reseller Rights (Sell it on to whoever you like)
    Minor Customisations (colours changes, name change etc etc)

    Major Changes can be made at an added price.


    The layout will cost $40. Slight changes in price are negotiable. We won't accept any trading for forum skins etc unless it is something AMAZING.
    Payment is via Paypal

    Contact Details:

    Email: [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]
    AIM: gamingevo

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    lol funny thing is, you show watermarked prev here, and a non watermark prev in that link u showed

    Gl sellin.

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    never mind, not my layout

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    will go as low as $30, possibly a little more

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