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    Advertising 2 free slots

    Hi all,

    Havent posted here in a while.

    Offer 1
    I am offering 2 people the opportunity to help me test a new advertising script and to see how long it takes to fill each order.

    It is for banner advertising that will be shown on different sites of my network, but will be shown mostly on my free hosting sites.

    The 2 people can choose anything up to 5000 free impressions. I need the 2 people to give feedback on things like:
    1, Quality of Traffic,
    2, Time it took to complete the impressions,
    3, Is the script useable and are you able to track your impressions/hits/visitors
    and any other feedback whether it be positive or negative.

    For helping out we will also offer another 5000 free as a thank you.

    Please pm me or send an email to [email protected] for more information.

    Offer 2

    If you are looking for free promotion, with no strings attached, then add your site FREE at Link back to increase your popularity of listing via the user link provided.

    Offer 3
    Are you looking for targeted/untargetted traffic to your site ?
    Traffic is generated from expired domains, popups etc.

    Targetted traffic is $3.5 per 1000, 5000 minimum
    Untargeted traffic $2 per 1000

    Pay methods accepted

    2checkout (Credit Card etc)
    MoneyBookers (Wire transfer)
    Mail in Payment (on request, you pay postage)

    Site is setup to accept payments online.

    We can offer you a sample traffic at a reduced price (pm or email [email protected] for more details)

    Offer 4

    Are you looking for a different type of advertising ?
    Search Engine, Banner, Email, then why not try our 2 week trial at

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post and hope we can do business soon.

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    I'll volunteer ... I'll PM you
    AIM: VSSHelp Vasco
    VSS Hosting - Because uptime means everything
    You Are Suck - Can you survive?

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    Offer 1 slot 1 taken.

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    I am interested too. Still available?

    PM the details please.


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    Slot 1 reopened and assigned to Efeito,
    psyclopz, if you wish to resign for the offer pm me please
    Efeito, pm sent.

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    Offer 1 filled.
    Thanks everyone.

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    what if I just want to buy some banner impressions(dont need the 400 Search Engine Submissions,ect.)
    can you do that?

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    Thank you for your interest, the plans on are preformatted, so there all intogether for the 1 price.

    If you are looking for just banner impressions, make me an offer on Offer 1 above via pm. I can offer a 1k sample test if you are looking to sign up for this.
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