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    Need a Dedicated Host[yes i searched the forum]

    hi there guyz...

    i really need a dedicated host by monday or tuesday .. but i cant seem to find a "perfect-near that" type of plan..
    what im looking for..
    amd or intel.. dunt really matter as long as 1.5+
    ram.. has to be least 512
    hdd.. atleast 60GB
    bw... least 700gb+
    ip... 5 Least would be nice
    Connection port... Least 10mbps...But would be best if it could be 100mbps...
    control panels.. cpanel..Plesk..Anything That is near as good enough as cpanel or plesk and etc...
    OS.. redhat preferrably...but any other linux distro is fine...
    the kicker part is.. i need all this under $70 and NO Set up Fee... + Mathod of payment .. i would prefer Money order.... but if you can meet all this requirement but not the mathod of payment.. we can try to work something out...

    btw.. no contracts.. only month to month..
    thnk u verry much for any info you guyz can give.. cheers

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    "i need all this under $70 and NO Set up Fee..."

    thats gonna be your only downfall, the close the prices get to zero the less the techs at the datacenter get paid overall from everyone in the pool

    -call the host that interest you
    -talk to em (bug em) etc.
    -figure out if they manage there own server
    -ping em and traceroute em
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    seems you need it for some kind of personal needs

    go with
    they are pretty busy nowadays, selling much servers than you can imagine. check their site everyday if a cheap box is in stocks

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    The thing is your looking for 700+ for less then $70/mo.
    which comes to about 10 cents per GB.

    You won't get to much support from that as no tech really wants to work at minimum wage for managing servers and networks
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    and also, "btw.. no contracts.. only month to month.. "

    Not sure why it's important to you but it's great for leverage during negotiations. I would not dismiss the option. I think you will have a lot easier time getting the price point you stated.

    Good luck.

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