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    Jupiter Hosting


    I already done my searches and researches. Most who mentions them seemed to be banned and have not used their services.

    We are currently about to sign on the dotted line.

    However I thought I throw this thread out in case there's something adverse or bad that we should know about.

    Anyone with experience or had used them before and want to put in a good word, a bad word, or just any comments? While we have done our due dilligence, we will just like to run a last pass through the members here and hear some feedback as it's always good to hear from those who have done business with them.

    If you only have heresay, and have not used their services, you need not post to the thread.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Theyre really good.

    I've toured the datacenter and talked with the CEO, and met all their techs and staff at the NOC.

    We have a nice size operation going at Jupiter, I would definently recommend them.
    Support is great, theyre always available.

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