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    You can use the Host Quote feature if you want some web hosts to contact you.
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    i would recomend sites like this one also, or most sites on those are pretty reputable.

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    Yes, please browse around these forums & you should be able to find a solution

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    once you have a lead on few different hosts that seem pretty good to you...then you can use the WHT search feature to do searches on them for customer reviews....

    Good Luck

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    To add to what has already been said: is pretty good too.

    Do a thorough research on any host you're considering!

    Good luck!

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    timhunter, I would first advise that you ask someone that you know in person before you decide to go with a host that you is recommended to you at a place like Web Hosting Talk. It's good that you're doing your research though, and I'm sure you'll choose a better host this time around. Search WHT
    A Collection of Web Hosts
    Small biographies on hosts, uptime reports and some reviews
    Feel free to add your review or add a host that isn't on the list.

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    I use for my hosting.

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    161 has a good list and reviews with pros and cons instead of just "this host is great" or "this host is horrible"...

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    I think you can try search at :
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    eopinions sucks honestly...

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    i find them very consistent with other reviews out there, and less likely to have a bias... as most of the posts here often do..

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    Whatever you do always check before you register with a host!!! Many are scammers.

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    I picked up 5 penalty points for telling folks of a good service - so I won't be doing that again :-/
    Google is *always* your friend, and choose a host which geographically close to your main users - don't believe them when they say it doesn't make a difference - it *does* :-)

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    Re: Choosing a web host

    Your best bet without a doubt would be to use the hostquote. There are lots of great hosting companies out there, so I am certain you will find one that meets your required needs.

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    Goodluck on finding the best host

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    There is no best host.

    Only what is best for you.

    *Mental Note* Gotta Remember Where I Saw This Quote From.

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