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    What's In Your Library?

    OK gang...what books would you say are required to have in your hosting business library? I'm a business book junkie, so my library tends to be filled with more books on sales, marketing, business structure, accounting, etc. then tech...Ha, I'm very weak in maybe this might be a good topic for some of us to exchange our lists in the fields we excel in.

    My List:

    1) "How to Sell Anything to Anybody", by Joe Girrard. I've had this book for decades. Old but I continue to go back to it. It's been my sales bible for years.

    2) "Guerilla Marketing", by Levinson. Now there are a ton of "Guerilla" books out there by Levinson since this first one. Decent ideas to get you stimulated.

    3) "Words That Sell", by Richard Byan. A great little thesaurus if your looking for that perfect word in running a marketing campaign.

    4) "The Millionaire Next Door", by Dr. Thomas Stanley. An interesting look into the drive, profiles and mindset of successful, wealthy people.

    5) "Marketing to the Affluent", also by Dr. Thomas Stanley. Basically, targeting all your efforts into the niche wealthy market

    6) "Linux in a Nutshell", by Stephen Spainhour. An O'Reilly book that I use for quick reference.

    7) "Red Hat Linux 7.2 Bible", by Christopher Negus. I know, it's a few Red Hat releases behind, but it's what I started with.

    I've spent my life in sales and marketing, so you can see my list tilts in that favor. Actually, I probably have well over 70 other books in that field. I'm sure many of you and your libraries are more tech heavy than mine. I'd love to see what you might have or could recommend. I've read many posts in here since I joined at how difficult it is to make money in this biz...and yet I can see how a VERY nice income can be made with a good marketing plan and committment to customer satisfaction/loyalty.

    Osborne Sputnik

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    I currently have -

    1) Business Masterminds - Road to Success, By Robert Heller, It give the business biography of people such as Bill Gates, veyr good read!

    2) Al[ha teach Yourself Business Plans in 24 hours, Michael miller, Well as the title suggests it shows you the ins and outs of a business plan.

    The rest as i was unable to do Business Studies at GCSE (GCSE = The big exams at the end of UK teenagers compulsary school life) i have taken it upon my self ot teach myself.

    3) GCSE Business Studies, David butler + John Hardy, very good to read and has some useful tips!

    4) GCSE Business and Communication and Systems Bill Owens, alot of very nice info from marketting to laying out a office.

    5) Business Studies and economics for GCSE, Exam setters, Some nice case studies and hints.

    Well thats all for now!,

    Note: Not all teens are the same and should not be generalised.

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