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    Question WorldPay, Wht do you think of them?

    I have posted a few messages in the past few days as I am looking to setup a new business.

    I aim to Sell computer systems, mostly High End Spec Systems.

    I have contacted a few WEB Hosting Companies, for Example WebFusion said it would cost me 495.00 Per Year to have the shopping cart facilities and I had to then get my own Merchant account.

    I was talking to WorldPay and the lady informed me that for a one off fee of 100.00 and also a subscription of 160.00 I could have a Merchant A/C with them and since my business is based in the UK they would allow me to accept Debit as well as Credit Card Payments. They also said that for a one off fee of 100 I could have an Upgrade that would allow me to accept Credit Card Payment over the phone.

    I asked if the offer Shopping Cart facility and Hosting service. She said that for 29.00 I could have a shopping cart facility available to me. They said it is very user friendly and a Program called ClickandBuild is availble to help me out. I said that I have a Business Template which I wish to upload and that will I be able to insert the shopping cart into that and she Replied "YES".

    Now my question is what do you think of WorldPay? is it any good? are they good at hosting? do the above prices seem fair?

    Also the fact that they offer 24hrs Support via Phone is major Plus, so please let me knwo if I should go ahead with them.


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    I would really recommend wp, especially as you're from the UK, since WP is a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland.
    One minor glitch is that you need a special setup procedure to accept Amex and Diners, but apart from that, everything is well.
    The setup fees are pretty high compared to other 3rd party processors, but then again, you save money because wp sends the money to your normal bank account. With any overseas processor, you'd have to cash a cheque and banks take their portion as well.
    I must admit I know nothing about their shopping cart, we use our own.

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    Worldpay are a pretty highly experienced and highly respected payment system, used by many of the bigger firms in the UK and worldwide for their payment processing. Although the initial setup fees may seem high, they are also becoming more recognised by the paying public, many of whom are aware of the services that they provide and because they have paid through them before, they are willing to entrust their card details through their systems again. They are very flexible in my experience and their api can be adapted to suit most purposes or alternatively, you can use their built in shopping cart systems (although this may be a bit too simplistic for most). All things considered, they are very highly recommended, especially for higher value and therefore higher risk transactions such as the PCs that you are wishing to deal in.
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    Thank you for your kind response. I have another question which relates to charge Back and Fraud. The sales person at WP told me thatt hey offer insurance for upto 250.0 Only which I think is rather little. I asked what if someone uses some other persons CC and order goods would I be liable for the Charge Back. She said Yes. Well that sounds a little odd. She went on saying that with everyone this is the case even with the Shopp Keeper in a ever day MALL or Shopping Center. I asked what is there to protect me she said it is the high level of security they have in place.

    Now my question is:

    1. Is it true that no matter who and how I approach thsu there si no compnay that would cover me for unlimited amount of Fraud and Charge Back?

    2. If there is a way, what is the best option I can take?

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