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    PHP Work

    I need some one who can make we a smlipe php chat. It will be used on eBay, so it has to work with out java. Also i would like to have a desktop win app. Please post your info so i can talk to you. Thanks.

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    We saw your posting and are really interested as the opportunity best fits us. Please give your mail address or chat ID so that we can discuss more on this.

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    this is what i want
    Unlimited Operators
    Unlimited Departments
    Unlimited Users

    Live Help
    Real-Time Chat Sessions
    Real-Time Visitor Monitor
    Unlimited Chat Sessions
    Initiate Chat Sessions
    Assign Operators to Mutiple Departments
    View User's Information
    Operator to Operator Chat
    Per Department Status Icons
    Request Polling
    Collect Visitor's Information
    Track Visitor's Footprints
    Track Visitor's Referrer
    Typing Notification
    Display Operators Picture in Chat Windows
    Autosave Chat Transcripts
    E-mail Transcripts
    Print Transcripts
    Hot Pages
    Transfer Files
    Transfer Chat Session
    Canned Messages
    Canned Commands
    Push Web Pages
    Leave a message
    Toggle sounds on/off
    Toggle status online/offline
    Implementation to your Website

    Trouble Tickets
    Auto-Assign to Operator
    Easy to use Interface
    Ticket Urgency
    Open/Close Tickets
    Auto E-Mail Notification of Responses
    Implementation to your Website

    Unlimited Topics
    Unlimited FAQs
    Assign FAQs to Topics
    Implementation to your Website

    View Operators Status
    View all Transcripts
    Alter Polling of Operators
    Change sorting of Topics
    Easily Upload new Icons
    Easily Assign Icons to Departments

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    AIM: LouisianaFlyer

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    I think Help Center Live will do your job for free... Saves a lot of funding custom designing one

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    This is strange. I got into the Help Center Live features page and found exactly the features you are looking for:

    Does anyone has any experience using it?

    Thank you.

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    as I pointed out almost a whole day ago; it seem to be the perfect product for him

    I'm using it on a small fan site of mine and it works great. Support ticket + live chat + user tracking functions allows great communication with your visitors; and faq section helps you quickly create a faq page without doing much of anything.

    Do look into it

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    I don't want to use it for my self. I want to sell it but i have to add things to it.

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    If you're not interested in a free solution like Help Center Live, this work could cost you $2000+ at the minimum. That's what I'd charge, but you could probably find some coder in India willing to code it for $100.

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