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    Paysystem. A real FRAUD

    I tried to open an account at Paysystems the 05-19-2004.

    After 10 days nothing done.

    I was asking a refund from them.


    Final consideration , useful for all webmasters :

    ----#### Stay away from this FRAUD company #####-----

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    Maybe it takes more than 6 business days for them to perform the necessary credit checks / due dilligence for someone from your country.

    Maybe they are waiting for a piece of info from you?

    Maybe your spam checker ate their emails - I know three different systems that rejected all paysystems emails until they were told not to.

    Did they guarantee you a specific approval timeframe?

    Have you called your Paysystems rep? (I know you're in Italy. Too bad - international phone calls are the cost of doing business.)

    If I were them I would now cancel your pending sign-up since you are slandering them in a public forum.
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    I couldn't agree more. I had a similar circumstance. They told me a number of times that they would be crediting my account but never did. I finally had to dispute the charge. They are very shady.
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    I have the same problem! signed up over a month ago waited like 2 weeks nothing. asked for a refund they said yea ok!

    then i havent had a refund in the past 2 weeks!
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    I highly doubt paysystems is a fraud. Has anyone ever tried picking up the phone? - Host on Cloudrck
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    There have been many posts about the relative merits/de-merits of Paysystems and similar services and all I can say really is: 'you get what you pay for' and realistically you would be wise to run a search of these forums to weigh up people's experiences with them. You will find that many people have had nasty run-ins with them in the past and now recommend full merchant accounts if you can possibly afford one or process enough transactions per month to justify having one. With a third-party system, you are never quite sure whether they are going to approve or reject a transaction and you are at their mercy for their customer services etc. When you have your own merchant account, there is a much greater amount of freedom to organise things as you see fit and you are not so reliant on them for their poor customer service.
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    Just for notify that they have refunded me.
    So i consider a close history (and a waste of my time....)
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