is offering what would normally cost $120.00 is now $60.00.

You get the following tutorials branded with your logo only:

FTP Tutorials

Configuring your site in FlashFXP
How to transfer files in FlashFXP
Configuring your site in WS_FTP Pro
Managing your files in WS_FTP Pro
Transferring files in WS_FTP Pro
Configuring your site in SmartFTP
Managing your files in SmartFTP
Configuring your site in CuteFTP Pro 2.0
Setting your preferences in CuteFTP Pro 2.0
Scheduled file transfers in CuteFTP Pro 2.0
Managing your files in CuteFTP Pro 2.0
Managing your files in LeapFTP
Setting your preferences in LeapFTP

Tutorials can be viewed online:

DNS Tutorials

Updating DNS at
Updating DNS at DRAMS
Updating DNS at ENOM
Updating DNS at GoDaddy
Updating DNS at Namecheap
Updating DNS at NameBargain
Updating DNS at NETSOL
Updating DNS at OpenSRS
Updating DNS at RegFLY
Updating DNS at Register

Tutorials can be viewed online:

Fantastico De Luxe Tutorials

Extra features in Fantastico De Luxe
How to install b2
How to install CS Live Help
How to install Invision Power Board
How to install Moodle
How to install Noahs Classifieds
How to install OsCommerce
How to install pMachine
How to install phpBB2
How to install php Support Tickets
How to install phpAuction
How to install phpLinks
How to install phpList
How to install phpMyWebsite
How to install php-Nuke
How to install phprojekt
How to install Post-Nuke
How to install Support Services Manager
How to install WebCalander
How to install Xoops
How to install 4Images Gallery

Tutorials can be viewed online:

You get all the above for a staggering $60.00!
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After payment is sent please send your .jpg logo to [email protected]. Logo must be in .jpg format and should be around 500x400 and preferably white or transparent background. Keep in mind the quality of your logo will reflect in your tutorials.

Note: Only Demos will not sell any tutorials without a company logo embedded in the beginning of each tutorial. Generic non branded tutorials will NOT be sold.

As always also offers the following flash tutorials:

13 Webhostmanager (WHM) Reseller - xSkin Theme
22 cPanel Tutorials - xSkin 2 Theme
24 cPanel Tutorials - RVBlue Theme
24 cPanel Tutorials - RVLightBlue Theme
22 cPanel Tutorials - xController Theme
32 H-Sphere Tutorials - H-Sphere Theme
6 Modernbill Tutorials - DolphinX Theme
37 cPanel Tutorials - Redtrix Theme
6 WHMAutopilot Tutorials
21 Set Fantastico De Luxe Tutorials

All tutorials can be viewed here:

FAQs commonly asked:

Question: Does the price include my logo in the splash screen of every tutorial?

Answer: Yes. Every tutorial price includes your logo embedded. Once payment is made you must send your company logo to [email protected]. Logo must be in .jpg format and should be around 500x400 and preferably white or transparent background.

Question: Does Only Demos place their logo anywhere on any tutorials that are sold?

Answer: Absolutely not! When you purchase tutorials from Only Demos you will receive your tutorials branded only with your logo.

Question: If I purchase a set of tutorials and you add more in the future, will I have to pay for them?

Answer: No. At anytime if we add tutorials to the set you purchased, just contact us with the domain name that work was done for in the past and we will be happy to send you the new tutorials. We never charge anything extra for add-ons.

All questions can be sent to [email protected].

Thank you!