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    Ms Sql

    Does anyone know how to move MsSQL database to another MsSQL (if this is easier)

    or MySQL or Access?

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    From MSSQL to MSSQL the easiest way is to backup (vie Entreprise manager) and restore to the other server (via entreprise manager).

    You cna also do it using a DTS, this will be a one-step process, but I had trouble with this in the past, I prefer backup&restore.

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    A quicker solution is to detach the database, make a copy of the physical files, then attach it on the new server.

    Look in BOL for sp_detach & sp_attach.

    If you need a copy on both servers, you can simply re-attach on the 1st server as well.

    If you want to put the data into MySQL, then assuming you're using fairly standard data types, why not use linked servers or make a DTS using an ODBC to MySQL

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