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    As EV1 but not EV1

    We are on the hosting market since 1998. We've used several dedicated server providers as,, and Now We have several servers with and one with We think is fantastic (price, tech support, reliability....) excepting for one thing. They have a "blind" policy about some "server attack". They block the ips attempting port scan or unauthorized access. We think that's right, but We don't understand why They block those ips for several days.
    They could block them for few hours.....

    Anyway, this causes us several serious customers. Infact, in Italy, where we do our business, there is a big Internet provider, called FastWeb, that assigns one single ip to more than one hundred their customers. So, if one of their customers attempt a port scan or unauthorized access to the EV1 network, the ip comes blocked for several days. This, obviously, ban all the customer of FastWeb to reach our servers. And our customers transfer their domains to other hosting providers.....

    Said that, We need to move all our servers finding a dedicated servers provider like EV1 excepting for the problem with the blocked ips. Any suggestion? We don't like
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    Have you tried asking EV1 if they would whitelist the FastWeb IP addresses for your box?

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    Hi, if you're looking for someone with a good network and the same sort of pricing as EV1servers, you might try a ServerMatrix reseller, such as

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    Aren't there any server providers in Italy, to begin with?
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    Originally posted by Imago
    Aren't there any server providers in Italy, to begin with?
    Impossibile... in Italy bandwidth is too expansive...
    Servermatrix is good but ping from Italy is horrible...

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