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    WebHost Discussion site


    I would like you’ll to comment and critique on my website located at It is a web host discussion based site. Although we don’t have much of any activity on the forum we hope that in the near future with posts from members we may be able to become a successful community.

    Individuals and companies running a web-host can post their hosting plans or just direct members to their site by posting in the Host offers and requests sub-forum located at .
    People seeking hosting may also post an appropriate plan that is tailored for their needs and state the price range they are looking for.

    There is a certain ‘fun’ feature I would like to point you’ll to… it is an AI bot that tries to reply to your replies. As the bot is not to perfection I have enabled ‘it’ to post only in the Off-Topic sub-forum of my site located at

    Thanks for reading . I hope you register and make Web-Host Discussion a fun place to be.


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    Nice May be add some more sections there (programming ; softaware etc) ?

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    Thanks for replying .

    Actually, our site is based on mostly host and hosting related discussion. And adding the forums you have prescribed may seem a bit odd for it in its founding stages. Besides due to the lack of activity I had to limit the sub-forums to only 4. But if the site progresses nicely I may soon branch out other forums and make the site more easily navigable in terms of segregation of topics .

    Btw, I just saw your portfolio.WOW ! You have one of the best color combination techniques I have ever seen and really skillful logo designs . If I were you, I’d surely put a watermark on them … too good to be left without one


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