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    Online Cigarette Store for sale! (Sales: $500 per month)
    support [at]

    Regretfully, I have decided to let go of this massively promising (Read the last section for more details) drop-ship based online cigarette store,

    I have recently got involved in a lot of projects. I won't say that I don't have time, or I urgently need money, but I simply don't think I have the necessary commitment levels to exploit the full (massive) potential of The same reason why I had to sell my hosting business a few months ago.

    I would be grateful to pass it on to someone who can effectively exploit that potential.

    A quick sale would be grately appreciated. I might also be interested in a swap deal, in case you can offer a website in exchange.

    Please read on...

    What in included in the sale?

    The catchy domain name, This alone is worth a lot. Expires August 2004.

    The website includes a clean and professional design complete with a modified and optimised osCommerce. The brilliant logo is included, alongwith the unique banner. 243 Products are listed with updated prices. Affiliate Program, easy modification of prices/products etc. are all included in the Control Panel.

    A full 10-page instruction guideline would be provided, with every detail you might need to run the site. These include wholesalers lists, where to advertise, how to change specific options etc.

    The 23 customers are included.

    How does it work?

    Once your website is up and running, you will receive money through whichever card processor you choose (Let's assume PayPal). The order will be fully automated.

    All you have to do to process the order is submit the order at the wholesale suppliers (Account provided with the site) and they will drop-ship the orders for you, directly to your customers.

    If you want to modify prices/products, all you have to use the user friendly Control Panel.

    That's how easy it is! You don't need to do any maintenance (The hosting providers constantly upgrade the software for you) or carry any inventory. The 10-page manual included would make your work further easier.

    You will have to pay $9.95 per month for specialist hosting; which would include maintenance of the software and technical support, in case you ever have any problems. I will always be around to help you too.

    How much money does it make?

    In about 3 and a half months, the website has grossed about $900 in sales through 23 customers. 7 of these customers are returning customers, who will continue to shop through

    The Sales are rising all the time, and now averages $600 per month.

    This is a result of minimal promotion and only $60 spent on targetted visitors (A few sites offer options to target Smokers).

    Typical profit is about $3 per carton. Net Profit is about 20%. The current prices are very low, so I would recommend that you increase them for greater profits.

    Here are 2 screenshots:

    Immense Potential of

    This site has massive money-making potential. Online cigarette sales, though being a relatively new concept, is expected to be $5 billion by next year. The sales of can only rise. I have not had much time to promote this site. With some effort, you can easily average thousands in sales per month.

    There are very few Online Cigarette Stores relatively, right now. This is your chance to jump into one of the fastest growing sectors of the internet.

    In the future, this can be worth thousands, or even millions. That is a realistic goal, as you only have to have a 0.2% share of the industry, and there aren't anywhere close to 500 cigarettes stores online!

    Most importantly, lists prices far below the leaders in online cigarette sales. Even if you raise them by $5 per carton, the prices will still be relatively low.

    It can be all yours!

    I am looking to consider all offers. You can contact me with your questions/concerns:

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    E-mail: support [at], subhadip [at]
    ICQ: 164198114

    Thanks a lot, and looking forward to a quick sale.

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    how much are you asking for the sale?
    and also, can you guarantee that there will be a certain amount of returning customers?


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    Also interested in a buyout price.

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    A word to the wise. A lot of these cigarette websites being sold on the internet dropship through a Swiss-based company which sells cigarettes for dirt-cheap prices, and is the only one to do so at such prices. The address:

    You might want to read what's located on their main page. Anybody who wants to own one of these sites; be prepared to tackle Philip Morris in the courts or shut down all sales of Philip Morris products, which are the vast majority. This is not speculation, this is experience.

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