BuildtoLearn has in place a new ad position on our site that is guaranteed maximum exposure of your ad. This is a position for a 300x250 animated banner!

For an example, see
scroll along the thread and you'll notice the ad at the optimum viewing position above the last thread (now showing Google ads).
Your Ad will appear in all threads.

We're offering the ad space as either:
1. Replacement to Google Ads currently shown ($6 CPM)
2. Alternate Ad to Google ($3 CPM)

* Minimum purchase of 10,000 impressions

Please note that for option 1, 10,000 impressions will be served in approximately 7-10 days.

PhpAdsNew is available to check the status of your ad campaign.

Site stats are available through PM. Questions about this new ad offer will be addressed here. Interested parties may contact me through PM as well.

Link Exchange
We are interested in a link exchange with PR 5+ sites. A link to your site will be placed in the Recommened section on our main page in exchange for a similar placing on your site. The site should preferably be related to web-development.

Buying ad space
BuildtoLearn is furthering our expansion to reach a greater audience of webmasters. We are seeking advertising space in the form of banners, buttons, or text on webmaster-related or webhosting sites. Sites should have at least 700 unique visitors per day. Please drop me a PM if you have an offer.

Thank you and good day.