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    Question Wanted some advice on starting Domain reselling biz

    Hi friends,
    I've been reading the posts for a while in the forum.I'm a student from INDIA and i want to start my domain reselling business.
    I wanted some advice on that like which registrar to choose, what all are the costs i incure? Which payment processor to use?
    Mainly i want to sell domain names to individuals and to resellers with a competetive price.
    I've made some research and i've found enom and u know anyother registrar who offer almost same price,please do suggest)
    Which one is better?
    I found a post on ebay for enom $6.95 reseller account:
    Item number on ebay

    Shall i buy this? is it a good deal.He claims to be a direct ETP.If i buy this $6.95 enom account from him or someone, is there anyother deposit or yearly fees i'll have to pay ?
    And from this account can i create $6.95 sub-reseller accounts under me?
    In enom, from this account, what is the minimum amount for which i can sell the domains? I read somewhere that i can't sell domains for less than $8.95. Is it true?

    Any other $6.95 (or less) enom account offers from direct ETP are welcome.Please PM me.

    Anyother advice on this business is also welcome.
    Thank you in advance!

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    if you need more info about eNom you may read this

    if the price is the main factor then go for DirectI , You can get 6.75 Directi reseller account from when you buy thier script for 35 USD
    eNom very discounted reseller / retail accounts (Click here )

    Rare 2 , 3 char / letter domains for sale ( Click here )

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    1,267 is a pretty powerful system that will only cost you $35 plus you can get a free directi reseller account.

    You can also check out DRAMS but it'll cost much more than the whoiscart.
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    Thanks friends

    Thanks for ur valuable reply.But directi doesn't have much TLD's.

    And one more thing if i create sub-accounts under me in ENOM,will i get any commission if they register a domain name?

    I didn't get this sentence,please someone try explainin me:
    The main difference is how they pay for registrations, and whether or not they have reseller options.
    we will bill their credit card on file for every transaction
    you (the parent account) will pay 3% sales fee and a 95 cent transaction fee for every order
    they do not have access to create Sub Accounts, RegistryRocket sites, the PDQ, and they cannot download the API sample scripts.

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    retail is just an end user account that doesn't benefit from reseller options like using PDQ or registryrocket services.

    and whenever they buy a domain it deduct it from their credit card, for reseller accounts you need to refill it with min. of $100 and when buying domains its deducted from your balace.
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