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    Lightbulb Web hosts! NEW ensim login security monitor!!, plus skins, feature addons, and more

    Cape Coral PC and are proud to present...

    :: Appliance Guard™ v1.0 ::

    Appliance Guard™ is a new software technology that integrates an additional
    layer of security, monitoring, and access control into the Ensim® control panel. Simply put,
    "It's like a firewall for your control panel!". Appliance Guard™ is compatible
    with all versions of Ensim® WEBppliance™ from v3.1.x to v4.x. for linux.

    Add this invaluable login security, monitoring, and access control package to you server(s) today.
    At only $19.95, it's a small price to pay for the additional security and peace of mind delivered.
    With Appliance Guard™ on your team, you will no longer be left in the dark
    wondering who may be trying to gain access to your servers control panel.

    Detailed information and screenshots


    :: ShapeShifter DSP™ v1.0 * ::

    An amazing new software technology that converts the static architecture
    of the Ensim® WEBppliance™ Pro and Ensim® Pro (Fedora & Enterprise)
    control panel into a dynamic, multi-skinned, user configurable interface.

    Integrate your own links and/or code into your resellers and clients control panel.

    Streamline your business operations while providing additional options and functionality
    to yourself and your clients.

    Customize your ensim control panel today!

    Detailed information and screenshots

    *This software includes one or more patent-pending technologies.


    Add many deireable features to your hosting packages!

    Our addon packages allow you to define and deploy unique configurations of web site features to each individual site administrator and/or provide custom packages for resellers, which they can then use to specify and deploy the features to their clients.

    Superior administrative control in comparison to the Ensim® power tools package!!

    Discounted one time per server licensing fees now available.


    :: ElitePro version 1.0 ::

    Compatible with Ensim® WEBppliance™ Pro and Ensim® Pro (Fedora & Enterprise)

    Click here for details about elitepro v1.0


    :: Elite version 1.1 ::

    Compatible with ensim webppliance 3.0.x to the latest version 3.1.x for linux.

    Click here for details about elite v1.1

    Requirements : ensim webppliance 3.0.x-3.1.x, PHP4.2.2 or greater.


    :: ProPanel 3.5 v1.0 ::

    There was no question that our first webppliance pro 3.5 skin would be an
    update of our most popular webppliance 3.0-3.1 skin, propanel.

    Compatible with Ensim® WEBppliance™ Pro and Ensim® Pro (Fedora & Enterprise)

    Our propanel custom skin was specifically designed for use in
    800x600 or higher resolution. The standard ensim control panel
    requires a minimum of 1024x768 to view the entire interface.
    Propanel offers you and your clients a clean, fresh, functional,
    visually appealing control panel interface in an 800x600 footprint.

    Click here for screenshots and details!


    Cape Coral PC is a recognized partner of Ensim® Corporation.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us here, today!

    Thank you. - Your source for affordable, professional application development and quality website scripts.

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    Create a :: Appliance Guard™ v1.0 :: for cPanel and you may have something there.

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