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    I'm downloading a game maker, and I've had a good idea. Here it is:

    I want to make a game, where the object is too just go crazy and destroy a city as quickly as you can, and the more you destroy the more points you get. This game would be played online, and all highscores would be recorded there.

    / this will be free /

    I have two questions:
    1. Do you think this would be popular?

    2. Would people buy advertising space in the actual game?

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    Hmmm.... How about a Sim Style game where you are defending a large country against radical invading marauders?

    You receive a constant flood of "intel" from various sources; some reputable, some questionable, some totally outrageous. Some intel are but bits and pieces, yet when associated with other intel may paint a picture as to where the marauders will strike next. Much of the intel are but Red Herrings, and meant to distract you, or to misdirect your protective resources.

    You have thousands and thousands of miles (kilometers) of borders to defend. You have large public events to protect. You have a massive transporation system, and infrastructure which are known prime targets. You have a large, yet limited, budget and many resources at your disposal.

    Your Simmies get upset (and karma drops) every time you use your resources in a mistaken direction. Even worse though, if you fail to protect your Simmies, and an attack gets through killing even one Simmie, karma plummets.

    There is no "end" to the game... It just goes on and on, with the marauders adapting to your defensive strategies, and growing in number daily.

    Now, there is a game I think people would play, and could possibly gain corporate sponsorship...
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