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    Question CPanel Transfer a SSL cert. to another server

    hi all,
    please, can anyone tell me how to transfer a SSL cert from server to server? Right now i transferd the account but now i have to install/transfer also the cert. Is there any guide ?

    PS: The cert. is from freessl. Sent an e-mail yesterday but no replay yet.

    thanks a lot

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    You would need to create a new CSR and then apply for the certificate to be re-issued, mabye check the F.A.Q on their site (if they have one) most SSL providers normally list what you need to do if you move servers.

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    No, you can just transfer the entire CSR from.

    I did it once for a customer but did not give him a guarantee up front that it would actually work.

    He send me the .csr file, the private key file and the certificate.

    I then copied/pasted them into the cpanel ssl boxes.

    Worked like a charm.

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    Do you own both servers?

    If yes, what we have done (many times) is this:

    tar -cf private.tar /usr/share/ssl/private/www.domain*
    tar -cf cert.tar /usr/share/ssl/certs/www.domain*
    tar -cf ca.tar /usr/share/ssl/CA/*.crt
    (replace www.domain with the actual SSL domain)

    You can then move them to a FTP/SCP/SFTP/Web accessible location.

    Download them and untar them to the same location.

    Thereafter, you can then go to WHM and setup a new SSL certicate. Just enter the domain and use the "Fetch" function. Install and you are done.

    Alternatively, open the various files with a text editor, and copy the certs etc. into WHM SSL Setup screens.
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