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    Question Optimal quota / bandwidth ratio

    I am currently with bluewho. They provide plans where the fraction bandwidth/quota = 15/1. The plans I am reselling, start from 25Mb quota and go up to 100Mb. How much bandwith should I assign to each of them in order for the websites to function properly (not to run out of bandwidth).
    Thank you!

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    Thats a good question, i would like to know that one aswel! anyone got any ideas?

    (i WOULD say use the same ratio as blkue who, so around 400Mb for the 25Mb plan, and 1.5Gb for the 100Mb plan, but that does seem a bit excessive, especially in offering plans larger than 100Mb.)
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    I kept the same ratio as well, however I would like to know which ratio serves best the average website.

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    its good question, this ratio is differant so you may mesaure it in categories ..

    very small quotas up to 50mb: bandwidth= 20 X quota
    around 100mb: bandwidth= 50 X quota
    large quota .. more than 500mb: bandwidth= 80 x quota or more

    ofcourse its not LAW .. but its from my experiance if space usage become more then usage of bandwidth will grow much much more

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    When I ran my hosting business, I always stuck to 20:1 e.g. 250MB/10GB 1GB/40GB, but it depends what the account is used for. If you're going to have lots of large files backed up, but will only download/upload once or twice a month, you may only need to offer 10:1 or even 5:1.

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