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    Need help about

    Hi there !

    Anybody use ACE-HOST.NET ???

    I was registed in ACE-HOST.NET . After, I was received ACENET INC's Mail with subject is "ACENET INC :: Account Information" . But in this mail is nothing, it's mean blank mail.

    I was tried contact with ACE-HOST.NET, but can not. Live Support is offline usually. I send mail to [email protected] for question, but ACE-HOST is not received my mail.

    What's wrong ???

    Help me !!!

    Thanks !!!

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    Try using the phone

    (313) 237-6865
    Gary Jones - Canada Web Hosting

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    If they sent the email as HTML and you are viewing plain text, that might be why, you could view > source the email to dig out the info if that's the reason, though they should be easily contactable.

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    I have no problem contacting using their ticket support. They usually contact you within a few hours. They got some good service btw, cheap and few if any problems.

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