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    Apache childs: gracefull finishing?


    seeking advice on something I was not able to find either in Apache docs or on the web. After running for some time, Apache (1.26) seems to start accumulating G-childs, status looks like this:

    Server uptime: 23 days 14 hours 51 minutes 57 seconds
    24 requests currently being processed, 8 idle servers
    Now, of course apache restart helps, but I wondered if that's a bug in Apache or something in my config? Keepalives are set to 5 second, and those G childs keep hanging there for minutes. Requests per child is 10,000. Could it be caused by some malicious clients?
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    i'd say upgrade apache first to latest version then worry about other things
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    I keep them to 50 rather than to 10000 and the server is still alive.
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    Be gentle with our Apache children, they are our future.

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    i'd say upgrade apache first to latest version
    I've read new version's lists of fixes and did not find a word about things that could be related. This is something very basic, and they don't change core functionality much.

    Anyway, thanks, will try to reduce requests per child. I was instead thinking to make it infinite, since those G-children are, most probably, the ones which have served their limit of requests and now refuse to die for some reason. If that's the case, the problem should get worse

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