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    Hosting Clients For Sale

    We are considering selling our web hosting / ISP clients. We are simply too busy with our core business to give our customers the support they deserve. The sale will only be customers and equipment, no name rights or web sites. However, we will forward all current web traffic to the buyer's site.

    The customers are split up over four servers -2 Windows 2000, 1 Windows 2003 (HELM single server license - owned), and 1 Linux (Cpanel). We only own the two Windows 2000 servers.

    Here are the numbers:

    Monthly Web Hosting -

    $5.00 - 39 Customers
    $8.00 - 42 Customers
    $25.00 - 6 Customers
    $50.00 - 1 Customer

    Annual Web Hosting

    $75.00 - 84 Customers

    One Dedicated Server Customer - Leases hardware and bandwidth (Two year contract) $2500 per month. I will explain this in greater detail after I receive a signed NDA.

    The servers are at two different locations. You can simply take over the monthly bills, or move the clients to your own servers. The cost to host all of the above services is around $1375 per month. There is ample room on all servers to grow. We will also transfer the current domain names that are active nameservers. Our customers are very loyal; some have been with us for over three years!

    When all is said and done, we bill $45,000 per year and payout around $16,500. You can easily consolidate two of the Windows servers and save roughly $3600 per year.

    I do not have AIM, please email me any questions or offers at hostingclients4sale at .

    Thank you!

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    I will be looking into this, do you have a site?

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    I think I would be intrested in more details will contact you directly

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    Have emailed you regarding this.
    LowCostDedi Ltd -

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    I am very interested in this sale. Thank you.

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    Here is some more info about our current clients. I have already received quite a few emails asking these questions:

    The sale will be for all clients. We will not split up the Linux and Windows customers.

    Here are the current packages:

    Package #1 $8.00 per month or $75 per year. $5.00 per month for resellers.
    200MB Disk Space
    10GB Data Transfer

    Package #2 $25.00 per month
    500MB Disk Space
    15GB Data Transfer

    Package #3 $50.00 per month
    1GB Disk Space
    20GB Data Transfer


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    well i am interested in getting them too please update me with the deal.

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    We are very interested in your proposal and would like to explore this further.


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    Still waiting on the NDA mate.
    LowCostDedi Ltd -

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    Sorry for the delay on the NDA. It will go out to everyone that requested it no later than Thursday of this week.


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    Back on the market

    The clients are back on the market. The offer I accepted completely fell through earlier this week. If you would like to make an offer or need additional information, you can contact me at hostingclients4sale @


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