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    online SMS number?


    I want to be able to send and receive mobile SMS online without a mobile.

    Does anyone have providers they have used previously which are interesting to check out?

    Usage will be intermittent so i dont like paying for 100 messages at once.. as long as i dont have to use it in 1 month..


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    1,423 is good .. But I'm not sure about the "receiving sms" part though !
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    more than just sms to email, follow the links ...

    SMS, MMS, WAP Push messaging for business

    Bulk & scheduled SMS message sending

    RELIABLE sms to email & email to sms relaying

    Interactive SMS messaging: keywords & textback

    Fast Convenient Desktop SMS Messaging

    SMS Premium rate billing (short codes)

    HTTP/HTTPS POST SMS and MMS gateway

    GSM sim hosting (incoming SMS messages)

    Incoming SMS via MSISDN (virtual mobile) in the news...

    SMPP v3.3 and v3.4 Compliant Bulk SMS gateways

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