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    Registering a business (Questions)

    I have some questions that I hope you guy's can answer for me:

    I am going to be registering my business very soon and I am located in Canada, I was wondering would it be possible for me to register a business in the US (LLC) if I am not a citizen of the states?

    Also, if I were to do that, which state has the best rates.

    There is no underlying reason for me wanting to register in the states, and I would do it in Canada, except I am worried that I would have to charge Canadian taxes for clients, etc and also some other concerns.

    I hope this made sense

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    First thing.... contact an accountant to help you with this. Also if I remember when we did it you cannot register in a state without some sort of physical location. Basically you need this in case you are served with papers (legal stuff).
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    I agree with radv... and a lawyer.
    Doesn't seem possible to me, but since NAFTA, who knows?

    I believe that Delaware and Nevada have the loosest requirements. Sorry, I don't have a specific referral for you, but when you google it, try adding those terms - it might help you find someone who can answer your questions.

    Good Luck

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    For a canadian looking to incorporate in the states Deleware is deffinetly one of the best places (0 taxes on income generated out of state :-) and you dont have to be a resident of Deleware (or the states) to register a company in that state.
    In all likely hood if your head office is in Ontario you will have to charge PST to your Canadian clients, but if you get a virtual office in deleware and make it your head office then you might be able to get around that. For specific tax advice talking to an accountant would be best though.

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