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    Question Got myself a machine..


    I've recently got myself a machine from, with Redhat Fedora.

    I'm a total beginner about managing a dedicated, and the only reason why I got this server is that I have a few files that require alot of b/w.

    This is what I would like to do;

    I have 3 domains:, and, and 5 IP's. I would like to use as a nameserver for the other two. I have added the host [IP2] and [IP3] and pointed all of the domains to theese two nameservers.

    So.. What do I do now?

    Since I'm only going to use this box for myself I don't need any fancy CP (I have installed webmin, but I just can't figure it out..). Is it possible to set up the zonefiles (and whatever more that is needed) manually? If so, what should I do?

    I would really appreciate som help here. I thought this would be kind of easy, but hell no =). Been working on this for 2 days and got nowhere..

    Thanks alot!!


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    You will need to setup (or whatever) as a name server record with your domain name registra, they should have an option for this.

    Then create a zone file (mine live in /var/named/)
    Configure your named deamon (/etc/named.conf for me)
    Restart named
    Set the name server of domains you wish to host as (or whatever).

    You can do all of this in Webmin, but I would recommend doing it in config files, as you'll be forced to learn what different parts of the zone file mean, then later on configuring further domains using webmin would become a lot easier. It only takes me 2 mins to get a domain configured and in place by manually editting the zone files.
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