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    * HELP!! Registerfly has taken my domains as hostages!!

    I am a Registerfly client. (user: REMOVED). I have 8 domains registered by them.

    When tried to register two domains with RegisterFly in an urgent way, the received a failure message via mail, where I was informed that the registration had not been possible and that I should try again.

    I followed suit and I received a second failure message.

    The third time I tried unsuccessfully to register my domains, I eventually had to resort to another Registrar, where I could finally register successfully (and fast).

    I forgot the issue until my credit card statement arrived.

    In the statement there were the three charges for the same domains I was never able to register with RegisterFly that amounted to $60, which is quite a sum here in Argentina, above all to be paid for something that does not exist.

    I must admit I acted on impulse, as the first reaction was not to pay for a service I had not been given. So I called my credit card co. to cancel those charges. (chargeback). I gullibly thought that those payments were due to some error in RegisterFly system. I even thought I deseved an apology on their part and was waiting for one.

    Anyway, I did not give the matter a second thought until I got a message from RegisterFly where I was informed that my accounts had been transferred to a "restricted mode account". When I go to my account I find the following message:

    "Your account has been seized due to fraudlent activity on your part. If you feel this is an error then contact us and proove that your names have been removed by mistake. But since a chargeback was performed and is against our terms of service you may have to pay a fee to reinstate your account. The total amount owed is $100"

    I e-mailed them (RegisterFly) demanding an explanation and they only replied by saying that the "chargeback" is against their TOS.

    I asked them (RegisterFly) to check what service the chargeback was on and they replied: "I'll have to do some research"

    Since then I had no more news from them. They stopped answering my mails, even the last one, where I asked them about the payment procedings. RegisterFly just directed my domains to a publicity page.

    I am really upset about this. They don't admit their mistake and, what's more, they tried to charge me THREE times for a defective service on their part. Worst still, they keep my domains and my clients' as hostages.

    I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this.

    Luis Beltrán
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    User RegisterFly: REMOVED
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    The best way to sort this out would be to talk to them and clarify the issues by either phone or chat. Since I could not see a phone number, here is the link to the helpcentre which will link you to live chat.

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    registerfly has a terrible reputation though the end outcome is hardly a surprise. If you do a chargeback regardless of whose fault it is the account is most likely going to get frozen.

    I would say you will have to pay their costs associated with the chargebacks if you want to get your other domains back.

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    Call them, be patient to wait for the line and try to solve it. I have just suffered from the same problem as yours.

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    I've dealt with RegisterFly couple of years back and I guess this proves their service still lacks user friendliness.

    I went with them after rave reviews which seemed to have only resulted because of their low TLD pricing at that time ($8.xx). They were slow and their automated service was totally lacking.

    Not much of a surprise, I transferred the only domain I registered away from them as soon as possible. I recommend you do the same if you have problems with them now. If you're smooth sailing with RegisterFly - consider yourself lucky.

    I sympathize with you in your situation, it's really a bad situation to be in if you trusted them enough to register more than one domain with them.

    Keep us updated.

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    registerfly been so tight when it comes to fraud.

    contact them by phone, some people had the same problem and got it solved on the other thead here
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