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    I need a designer.

    I need someone to design me a website for $100-$250 for a Jewish Hebrew school.
    Please list comments.

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    Available to help


    Please P.M. Me so I can give you a full portfolio. I have the specific graphics in nice resolution and I can provide not only the design but the webhosting and many more features included.
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    I did not mention that I will include a script that your school will be able to interact with your students and teachers. This way they will be able to work at home and the student will able to study or get help online. The basic program is included in your price and there is no extra charge. The program is easy to configure for your custom needs and will bring more value to your institution. We don't require any money down until you are sure that our services match your expectations.
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    Hey. I am having trouble P.Ming you. Do you have AOL instant messenger? If yes whats your screen name? (Or PM me)

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    I'm very interested in this project I understand that you're new to WHT, and since you have 5 posts, your PM system must be working. Please check.

    HQ Max

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    Designers, no need to contact him anymore
    HQ Max

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    Hello, Novafactor can help you.

    Our portfolio is Please contact me, so we can talk about this more. All my contact info is in my signature. Thank you.

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    Originally posted by CooperInt
    Designers, no need to contact him anymore
    Hairyiguana, looks like CooperInt got the project already.
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